Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Procession of Spring: There she is!

There she is!
In all her pretty
ruffled glory--
the first peony,
the zenith of
spring incarnate, with
opalescent petals of
maximum floriferousness,
serious star power
in the kingdom
of springtime,
for all to admire
and adore
in her fleeting moment
of gorgeosity!

May 2008


  1. I can smell the fragrance of this beautiful flower here in California. Wonderful photo.

  2. I love seeing your nature photos. Your flowers, trees, and streams give me a boost when I've been on the computer 3 hours. thanks so much!

  3. ditto rebecca and our beloved tkperry!!!! the eye candy is SO SWEET it almost hurts and i can truly smell the peonies! they are my favorite, most very joyous harbinger of the wonderful warmth to come. thanks for reminding me! love you!

  4. Peonies should have been used by Ronsard (instead of the rose) to illustrate the ephemerity of Beauty. Your poem is so rich in images. I particularly like the verse:"the zenith/ of spring incarnate (...)" and "(...)her fleeting moment / of gorgeosity!"