Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Principles of Uncertainty

You cannot imagine the extraordinary experience of this book of paintings, words and photographs. (Sarah, you are going to FLIP if you have not seen this book yet!)

On May the 3rd 2006 Maria Kalman writes:

How can I Tell you Everything that is in My Heart.
Impossible to Begin. Enough. No. Begin

And suddenly the pages fill with paintings of Spinoza, Pavlov's dog, ladies hats and impossible hairdos, Shakespeare's ruff, a red-footed pigeon, remarkable packages, tassels on curtains, glistening pastries and people on the gray streets dressed in sartorial splendor. The range of what people care about spreads before you in dazzling, almost bewildering profusion. And underneath it all is a sweetness--Kalman's discerning, kindly artist's eye, recording the fleeting passage of lives.

There is a painting of the bare branches of a tree, and the words:



Well put.

A Mild Mid-Winter Day

A mild, mid-winter day
soft on my skin
as I walk home
in the late afternoon
for this moment
and this
and this